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In a world vibrated by the echo of ecological crises, “Survival” unfolds like a fresco of resilience and the fight for the survival of nature. In the heart of the Amazon, Ätugän, a young shaman from the Umana tribe, finds herself confronted with a prophecy from the spirits of the forest: she must unite shamans from all walks of life to defend the Earth against the destructive assaults of the great industrial powers, embodied by the sinister BioCorp...

The band

The “Survival” troupe brings together an eclectic and dynamic ensemble of talents with 12 singers, 16 dancers, 6 acrobats, and 4 stuntmen. Together, they weave a living fresco where captivating songs, rhythmic dances, spectacular acrobatics and daring stunts combine. Their synergy and diversity create a unique show, an ode to human creativity and the union of the arts to raise awareness about ecological issues and the preservation of our planet.


The staging of “Survival” stands out for its innovative use of interactive and immersive technologies. The stage floor, made of pressure-sensitive tactile tiles, triggers visual and sound effects simulating a reactive forest floor. Dynamic trees, made of flexible, luminescent materials, sway with the movements of the actors, creating an enchanted atmosphere. The shamans' biomimetic costumes, decorated with LEDs reacting to sounds, reinforce the integration of the actors into the ecosystem represented. A 3D holographic projection of the Giant Tree, accompanied by spatial sound and sophisticated lighting effects, envelopes the audience in the sensory universe of the Amazon rainforest. This interactive and visually captivating production illustrates the symbiosis between humanity and nature, the central theme of the show.


“Survival” offers a rich and eclectic musical universe, including 20 songs and compositions in varied styles. Audiences will be transported by catchy pop tracks, energetic rock riffs, captivating tribal rhythms, incisive rap lines, and soothing meditative ambiances. This musical diversity reflects the depth and complexity of the themes covered, offering an immersive and captivating auditory experience.

The artistic team

“Survival”, a creation which brings together a leading artistic team. The libretto is signed by Nicolas Luciani, also author, composer, director, and co-producer. Mourad Merzouki, recognized for his expertise in directing and choreography, brings a unique vision to this production.

Alongside Nicolas Luciani, Jean-Pierre Chardiet co-produces and directs the show. Samuel Garcia provides casting direction and artistic coaching. The troupe has 21 talented artists, including 9 singers/actors and 12 dancers, supported by a dedicated technical team to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Cristal Production, a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest, administers the project, with service providers specializing in sound, lighting and video to enhance each performance.