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Featured Projects

Miltos Yerolemou, actor in Game of Thrones and committed to saving the planet, has honored us with the preface to "Survival".

Our Earth is dying. Slowly but surely. Suffocated by stale air, poisoned by polluted water, damaged among the people of its most remote lands by forced industrialization. And if it was through them, guarantors of ancestral spiritual traditions, that Consciousness would come? The one that must put life and the “living” at the center of our existence.


“Survival” is a Musical in 3 acts and 20 scenes by Nicolas Luciani. It is a fantastic drama on the theme of our survival in the face of imminent ecological peril.


In the heart of the Amazon, Ätugän, a young shaman from the Umana tribe, receives a prophecy: to unite the shamans to defend the Earth against the industrial ravages of BioCorp. With the help of Maria and Peter from the NGO Survival, she begins a perilous fight to raise awareness in the world about the rights of nature. Their quest leads them to face formidable enemies and overcome insurmountable obstacles. When all seems lost, one last hope leads them to the United Nations. Will the “Declaration of the Rights of the Living” be adopted? “Survival” is a poignant tribute to the preservation of our planet and the indomitable force of nature.


Much more than a show which denounces the crescendo of a disastrous environmental situation, “Survival”, inspired by real facts and ideas defended by several international NGOs, offers us survival solutions linked to the return of ancestral wisdom. , under the aegis of all those who have known, for millennia, how to take care of ecosystems.

a unique visual experience

Discover “Survival”, an ode to life that harmoniously fuses traditional shamanic dances, contemporary dance and urban dance. This show delights audiences with striking images of the Amazon rainforest and UNESCO-listed natural sites, such as Manú National Park in Peru, Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve in Honduras, and the Rio Plátano Rainforest Reserve. Sinharaja in Sri Lanka. Broadcast on giant screens, these images create an immersive setting, projecting the poetry, power and diversity of the landscapes onto the stage. Life-size holograms of iconic animals, such as jaguars, howler monkeys, macaws and pink dolphins, will amaze viewers with their breathtaking realism.

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